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[v0.20.4] - 2024-03-25

Minor updates and fixes.

I plan to rename this project. Please let me know if you have any ideas!


  • Add basic validation to frontend when editing envrionment variables, as
    well as an error message specifying the correct format.


  • Fix email validation on frontend (thanks @oliverl-21).


  • Overhaul environment variables for providers and certificates. These can
    now have quotes around the name, value, both, or neither and still work
    correctly. This was done as this format is common to other tools when
    setting these.
  • Certain fields are no longer redacted when outputted (e.g. API Keys).
    They are still redacted in the logs though.
  • The go-acme provider will now use the system default DNS server(s)
    instead of Google (if they can be determined, which they should be on all
  • Update go jose, protobuf, and do go mod tidy.
  • Update axios and follow-redirects.
  • Update some func names on backend pem output. This is in preparation to
    add output in other formats (e.g., pfx).
  • Update frontend copyright notice to 2024.


  • Removed provider config preview when viewing the page that shows all
    providers. Edit a provider to see the full config.

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