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Open Scanner Protocol daemon (OSPd) v20.8.0

latest releases: v21.4.4, v20.8.5, v21.4.3...
22 months ago


  • Add solution method to solution of vt object. #166
  • Add wait_for_children(). #167
  • Extend osp to accept target options. #194
  • Accept reverse_lookup_only and reverse_lookup_unify target's options. #195
  • Add 'total' and 'sent' attributes to element for <get_vts> cmd response. #206
  • Add new get_memory_usage command. #207
  • Add lock-file-dir configuration option. #218
  • Add details attribute to get_vts command. #222
  • Add pontos as dev dependency for
    managing the version information in ospd #254
  • Add more info about scan progress with progress attribute in get_scans cmd. #266
  • Add support for scan queuing
  • Extend results with optional argument URI #282
  • Add new scan status INTERRUPTED.
  • Extend get_vts with attribute version_only and return the version #291
  • Allow to set all openvas parameters which are not strict openvas only parameters via osp. #301


  • Modify init() method and use new syntax for super(). #186
  • Create data manager and spawn new process to keep the vts dictionary. #191
  • Update daemon start sequence. Run daemon.check before daemon.init now. #197
  • Improve get_vts cmd response, sending the vts piece by piece.#201
  • Start the server before initialize to respond to the client.#209
  • Use an iterator to get the vts when get_vts cmd is called. #216
  • Update license to AGPL-3.0+ #241
  • Replaced pipenv with poetry for dependency management. poetry install works
    a bit different then pipenv install. It installs dev packages by default and
    also ospd in editable mode. This means after running poetry install ospd will
    directly be importable in the virtual python environment. #252
  • Progress bar calculation does not take in account the dead hosts. #266
  • Show progress as integer for get_scans. #269
  • Make scan_id attribute mandatory for get_scans. #270
  • Ignore subsequent SIGINT once inside exit_cleanup(). #273
  • Simplify start_scan() #275
  • Make ospd-openvas to shut down gracefully
  • Do not add all params which are in the OSPD_PARAMS dict to the params which are set as scan preferences. #305


  • Fix stop scan. Wait for the scan process to be stopped before delete it from the process table. #204
  • Fix get_scanner_details(). #210
  • Fix thread lib leak using daemon mode for python 3.7. #272
  • Fix scan progress in which all hosts are dead or excluded. #295
  • Stop all running scans before exiting #303
  • Fix start of parallel queued task. #304
  • Strip trailing commas from the target list. #306


  • Remove support for resume task. #266

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