github gravitl/netmaker v0.20.0

latest release: v0.20.1
21 days ago

Netmaker v0.20.0

whats new

  • New UI
  • Revamped compose-files and install scripts
  • Reactive TURN (makes connections whenever p2p is not working)
  • Ext Client editing + configurable allowedips

whats fixed

  • Netmaker exporter now works with Caddy
  • Major issue with Endpoint Detection fixed - local connections should be much better now

known issues

  • cannot use OAUTH login on new UI. If this is required, continue to use v0.19.0
  • QR code is very difficult to scan. Fix is in next release.
  • Migration causes a listen port of 0 for some upgraded hosts
  • Docker clients can not re-join after deletion
  • Innacurate Ext Client Metrics
  • Issue with Mac + IPv6 addressing
  • Nodes on same local network may not always connect
  • List populates egress ranges twice
  • If you do NOT set STUN_LIST on server, it could lead to strange behavior on client

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