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Teleport 15.1.10

latest releases: v14.3.15, api/v14.3.15, v14.3.14-dev.kubelsdebug.4...
17 days ago


  • Fixed possible phishing links which could result in code execution with install and join scripts. #39837
  • Fixed MFA checks not being prompted when joining a session. #39814
  • Added support for Kubernetes websocket streaming subprotocol v5 connections. #39770
  • Fixed a regression causing MFA prompts to not show up in Teleport Connect. #39739
  • Fixed broken SSO login landing page on certain versions of Google Chrome. #39723
  • Teleport Connect now shows specific error messages instead of generic "access denied". #39720
  • Added audit events for database auto user provisioning. #39665
  • Updated Electron to v29 in Teleport Connect. #39657
  • Added automatic access request support for tsh db login, tsh db connect and tsh proxy db. #39617
  • Fixed a bug in Teleport Cloud causing the hosted ServiceNow plugin to crash when setting up the integration. #39603
  • Fixed a bug of the discovery script failing when jq was not installed. #39599
  • Ensured that audit events are emitted whenever the authentication preferences, cluster networking config, or session recording config are modified. #39522
  • Database object labels will now support templates. #39496


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