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Teleport 12.4.4

latest releases: v14.0.0-tcsc.test.03, api/v14.0.0-tcsc.test.03, vv14.0.0-tcsc.test.02...
12 days ago


This release of Teleport contains multiple improvements and bug fixes.

  • Teleport Assist
    • Fixed React error in when navigating between Assist and web UI other pages. #26745
  • Server Access
    • Fixed issue with SSH sessions sometimes failing to establish in enhanced session recording mode. #26729
    • Fixed issue with port forwarding silently failing when using a label based target. #26703
  • Kubernetes Access
    • Extended kubectl auth can-i support to account for kubernetes_resources RBAC rules. #26586
  • Desktop Access
    • Improved internal logging and Windows user lookup efficiency. #26414
  • Web UI
    • Restored the "Add application" dialog. #26459


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