github graphql-java-kickstart/graphql-spring-boot v7.0.0

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3 years ago

Thanks to all contributors this release contains the following fixes and improvements.

  • Upgraded graphql-java to 14.0
  • Updated dependencies to latest especially graphql-java-tools
  • Voyager now supports webflux #355
  • Added ability to specify SchemaParserOptions.Builder options that can't be coerced using application properties so that one does not need to override the build entirely to add to the schema parser options #350
  • Added reactor subscription example
  • Added support for testing with graphql fragments
  • Made tracingLevel config value a type of String instead of Boolean to fix #239
  • Refactored GraphQL controller
  • Added method to type-safely get List of objects #320
  • Allow errorHandlerSupplier to re-init #305
  • Removed @configuration from GraphQLServletProperties #274
  • Build script improvements, Gradle upgrade to 6.2.2

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