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Exception handler support

Support for Springs @ExceptionHandler annotation. By default graphql-java-servlet when an exception occurs while processing a GraphQL request the error returned to the caller is a GraphQLError with a simple message and InternalServerError type. All details regarding the exception that actually occurred are lost.

This release introduces the property graphql.servlet.exception-handlers-enabled, which is set to false by default. That ensures that the default behavior stays the same. By switching this property to true it will instead actually use the exception that was thrown to construct the GraphQLError response, e.g.:

  "data": null,
  "errors": [
      "message": "User 'username' cannot be found at the Identity Provider",
      "type": "AccessDeniedException",
      "path": null,
      "extensions": null

The message contains the message as represented by the exception and the type contains the simple name of the exception that was thrown.

In addition you can now add methods to your Spring beans annotated with Springs @ExceptionHandler. This way you can easily customize the errors you want to return depending on the exception that was thrown while processing a GraphQL request, e.g.:

GraphQLError handleException(Throwable e) {
    return new ThrowableGraphQLError(e);

This example would actually result in the exact same response as given in the example response above, but it shows the idea behind it. You can return any type of custom GraphQLError for this method, and you can have any number of methods annotated like this. It will select the method targeting the most concrete exception that was thrown.

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