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Support for directives has been included now. See for more details and basic usage.

Type Definition Factory

Added the type definition factory to make it possible to dynamically add type definitions after the SDL has been parsed. This is used to automatically generate Relay connection type definitions. See for more details.

Automatic generation of Relay Type Definitions

Relay Type Definitions can now be automatically generated using the @connection directive. See for more details and basic usage.

Renamed properties

Several properties have been renamed to be in line with Spring Boot standard: to to

GraphQL Tools Kotlin version

If you're using graphl-java-tools you need to set the kotlin.version in your Spring Boot project explicitly to version 1.3.10, because Spring Boot Starter parent currently overrides it with a 1.2.* version of Kotlin. graphql-java-tools requires 1.3.* however because of its coroutine support.

Spring Boot team has indicated the Kotlin version will be upgraded to 1.3 in Spring Boot 2.2.

Using Gradle

Set the Kotlin version in your


Using Maven

Set the Kotlin version in your <properties> section


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