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Faust version 2.72.13

latest release: 2.72.14
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Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.72.13.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)
  • on macOS, binary files are still to notarise, you may have to use the xattr -rd file command to remove the extended attribute. See the xattr man page for details on how to use that tool. The macOS Monterey is now the minimal version.


  • Deactivate 'Const' optimization in InstructionsCompiler::generateVariableStore.
  • Rework interp-tracer (-trace 7 not needed).
  • Adding a new architecture file (faust2paconsole) and front-end script for PortAudio console application building
  • createPolyDSPInstance can use -1 so that the voice number is found in the [nvoices:N] metadata.
  • In Cmajor backend, processors are generated in 'namespace faust {...}'.
  • Add createDspFromSignals API in faust-dynamic-engine.
  • Add -double support for faust2jackrust and faust2portaudiorust.
  • Add output control handling in faust2supercollider.
  • New TypeScript based model for Web glue, linked to the separated faustwasm project.
  • Complete faust-dynamic-engine-test with test of createDspFromBoxes API.


Fixed bugs

  • Correct-cnoption in LLVM backend.
  • Handling of -c option in faust2sndfile.
  • Bug in -inj option handling. Make faust2max6 properly manage -inj option.
  • Fix remainder and rint in Rust backend.
  • Fix remainder in JAX backend (using a PR from David Braun).
  • Correct simplification function for 'lowest/highest' primitives.
  • Type information was not correctly returned in LLVMInstVisitor::visitIndexedAddress.


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