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7.4.3 (2021-02-24)

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Bug fixes

  • AdHocVariables: Fix an issue where adhoc filter values stored as integer was causing Grafana to crash. #31382, @hugohaggmark
  • DashboardLinks: Fix an issue where the dashboard links were causing a full page reload. #31334, @torkelo
  • Elasticsearch: Fix query initialization logic & query transformation from Prometheus/Loki. #31322, @Elfo404
  • QueryEditor: Fix disabling queries in dashboards. #31336, @gabor
  • Streaming: Fix an issue with the time series panel and streaming data source when scrolling back from being out of view. #31431, @torkelo
  • Table: Fix an issue regarding the fixed min and auto max values in bar gauge cell. #31316, @torkelo
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