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7.4.2 (2021-02-17)

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Features and enhancements

  • Explore: Do not show non queryable data sources in data source picker. #31144, @torkelo
  • Snapshots: Disallow anonymous user to create snapshots. #31263, @marefr

Bug fixes

  • CloudWatch: Ensure empty query row errors are not passed to the panel. #31172, @sunker
  • DashboardLinks: Fixes links always cause full page reload. #31178, @torkelo
  • DashboardListPanel: Fixes issue with folder picker always showing All and using old form styles. #31160, @torkelo
  • IPv6: Support host address configured with enclosing square brackets. #31226, @aknuds1
  • Permissions: Fix team and role permissions on folders/dashboards not displayed for non Grafana Admin users. #31132, @AgnesToulet
  • Postgres: Fix timeGroup macro converts long intervals to invalid numbers when TimescaleDB is enabled. #31179, @kurokochin
  • Prometheus: Fix enabling of disabled queries when editing in dashboard. #31055, @ivanahuckova
  • QueryEditors: Fixes issue that happens after moving queries then editing would update other queries. #31193, @torkelo
  • SqlDataSources: Fixes the Show Generated SQL button in query editors. #31236, @torkelo
  • StatPanels: Fixes to palette color scheme is not cleared when loading panel. #31126, @torkelo
  • Variables: Adds back default option for data source variable. #31208, @hugohaggmark
  • Variables: Fixes missing empty elements from regex filters. #31156, @hugohaggmark
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