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Breaking changes

  • Units: The date time units YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss and MM/DD/YYYY h:mm:ss a have been renamed to Datetime ISO
    and Datetime US respectively. This is no breaking change just a visual name change (the unit id is unchanged). The
    unit behavior is different however, it no longer hides the date part if the date is today. If you want this old
    behavior you need to change unit to Datetime ISO (No date if today) or Datetime US (No date if today).

Features / Enhancements

  • API: Return ID of the deleted resource for dashboard, datasource and folder DELETE endpoints. #26691, @AgnesToulet
  • API: Support paging in the admin orgs list API. #26932, @benjaminjb
  • API: return resource ID for auth key creation, folder permissions update and user invite complete endpoints. #27419, @AgnesToulet
  • Alerting: Adds support for overriding 'dedup_key' via alert tags when using the Pagerduty notifier. #27356, @alavrovinfb
  • Alerting: Change alert rule link in alert notifications to open panel in view mode. #27378, @robertlestak
  • Alerting: Support storing sensitive notifier settings securely/encrypted. #25114, @mtanda
  • Annotation: Add clean up job for old annotations. #26156, @bergquist
  • AzureMonitor: select plugin route from cloudname. #27273, @kylebrandt
  • BackendSrv: Uses credentials, deprecates withCredentials & defaults to same-origin. #27385, @hugohaggmark
  • Chore: Upgrade to Go 1.15.1. #27326, @aknuds1
  • CloudWatch: Update list of AmazonMQ metrics and dimensions. #27332, @szymonpk
  • Cloudwatch: Add Support for external ID in assume role. #23685, @gdhananjay
  • Cloudwatch: Add af-south-1 region. #26513, @ruanbekker
  • Dashboard: Add Duplicate dashboard links button to links list. #26600, @Hmerac
  • Dashboard: Adds folder name and link to the dashboard overview on the homepage. #27214, @michelengelen
  • Database: Set 0640 permissions on SQLite database file. #26339, @aknuds1
  • DateFormats: Default ISO & US formats never omit date part even if date is today (breaking change). #27300, @torkelo
  • Explore/Loki: POC for toggling parsed fields in the list view. #26178, @fredr
  • Explore: Sort order of log results. #26669, @ivanahuckova
  • Field overrides: Overrides UI improvements. #27073, @dprokop
  • Flux: Increase series limit for Flux datasource. #26746, @sneddrs
  • Image Store: Add support for using signed URLs when uploading images to GCS. #26840, @marcosrmendezthd
  • Image Store: Fallback to application default credentials when no key file is specified for GCS. #25948, @Eraac
  • InfluxDB: exclude result and table column from Flux table results. #27081, @ryantxu
  • InfluxDB: return a table rather than an error when timeseries is missing time. #27320, @ryantxu
  • Loki: Add scopedVars support in legend formatting for repeated variables. #27046, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Re-introduce running of instant queries. #27213, @ivanahuckova
  • MixedDatasource: Shows retrieved data even if a data source fails. #27024, @hugohaggmark
  • OAuth2: GenericOAuth should handle DEFLATE compressed payloads in JWT. #26969, @billoley
  • OAuth: Increase state cookie max age. #27258, @bergquist
  • Orgs: Remove org deprecation notice as we have decided to preserve multi-org support. #26853, @torkelo
  • PanelInspector: Adds a Raw display mode but defaults to Formatted display mode. #27306, @hugohaggmark
  • Prometheus: Add scopedVars support in legend formatting for repeated variables. #27047, @ivanahuckova
  • Prometheus: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API). #27090, @hugohaggmark
  • Prometheus: add $__rate_interval variable. #26937, @zoltanbedi
  • Provisioning: Validate that datasource access field equals to direct or proxy. #26440, @nabokihms
  • RangeUtils: migrate logic from kbn to grafana/data. #27347, @ryantxu
  • Table: Adds column filtering. #27225, @hugohaggmark
  • Table: Support showing numbers in strings with full original value. #27097, @torkelo
  • TablePanel: Add support for basic gauge as a cell display mode. #26595, @jutley
  • Transformations: Group by and aggregate on multiple fields. #25498, @Totalus
  • Transformations: enable transformations reorder. #27197, @dprokop
  • grafana-cli: Add ability to read password from stdin to reset admin password. #26016, @nabokihms
  • heatmap: reduce the aggressiveness of hiding ticks/labels when panel is small. #27016, @lrstanley
  • Reporting: add branding options. (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: allow setting custom timerange. (Enterprise)

Bug Fixes

  • Auth: Fix signup workflow and UI when verify email is enabled. #26263, @KamalGalrani
  • AzureMonitor: Change filterDimensions property to match what is stored. #27459, @kylebrandt
  • Cloud Monitoring: Fix missing title and text from cloud monitoring annotations. #27187, @atotto
  • CloudWatch: Fix error message returned from tag:GetResources. #27205, @kichik
  • Cloudwatch: Update AWS/MediaConnect metrics and dimensions. #26093, @papagian
  • DashboardSettings: Fixes auto refresh crash with space in interval. #27438, @hugohaggmark
  • Elasticsearch: Fix localized dates in index pattern. #27351, @domasx2
  • Elasticsearch: Fix using multiple bucket script aggregations when only grouping by terms. #24064, @MarceloNunesAlves
  • FolderPicker: Fixes not being able to create new folder. #27092, @hugohaggmark
  • Graphite: Show and hide query editor function popup on click. #26923, @ivanahuckova
  • InfluxDB/Flux: Fix for Alerts on InfluxDB Flux datasources only use the first series. #27463, @ryantxu
  • Loki: Send current time range when fetching labels and values. #26622, @ivanahuckova
  • Prometheus: Add backslash escaping for template variables. #26205, @ivanahuckova
  • Prometheus: Correctly format multi values variables in queries. #26896, @ivanahuckova
  • Provisioning: Add validation for missing organisations in datasource, dashboard, and notifier configurations. #26601, @nabokihms
  • Rendering: Fixed issue rendering text panel to image via image renderer plugin. #27083, @torkelo
  • Stats: Use more efficient SQL and add timeouts. #27390, @sakjur
  • Table: Support date unit formats on string values. #26879, @torkelo
  • Thresholds: Fixed issue with thresholds in overrides not working after save and reload. #27297, @torkelo
  • Transformations: Fixes outer join transformation when frames are missing field to join by. #27453, @hugohaggmark
  • Transformations: merge will properly handle empty frames and frames with multiple rows where values are overlapping. #27362, @mckn
  • grafana-cli: Fix installing of plugins missing directory entries in zip. #26945, @adrianlzt
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