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Features / Enhancements

  • Azure App Insights Alert error - tsdb.HandleRequest() failed to convert dataframe "" to tsdb.TimeSeriesSlice. #26897
  • AzureMonitor: map more units. #26990, @kylebrandt
  • Azuremonitor: do not set unit if literal "Unspecified". #26839, @kylebrandt
  • Dataframe/Alerting: to tsdb.TimeSeriesSlice - accept "empty" time series. #26903, @kylebrandt
  • Field overrides: Filter by field name using regex. #27070, @dprokop
  • Overrides: expose byType matcher UI. #27056, @ryantxu

Bug Fixes

latest releases: v7.5.8, v8.0.2, v8.0.1...
10 months ago