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Features / Enhancements

  • Explore: Don't run queries on datasource change. #26033, @davkal
  • TemplateSrv: Formatting options for ${from} and ${to}, unix seconds epoch, ISO 8601/RFC 3339. #26466, @torkelo
  • Toolkit/Plugin: throw an Error instead of a string. #26618, @leventebalogh

Bug Fixes

  • Dashbard: Fix refresh interval settings to allow setting it to equal min_refresh_interval. #26615, @torkelo
  • Flux: Ensure connections to InfluxDB are closed. #26735, @sneddrs
  • Query history: Fix search filtering if null value. #26768, @ivanahuckova
  • QueryOptions: Fix not being able to change cache timeout setting. #26614, @torkelo
  • StatPanel: Fix stat panel display name not showing when explicitly set. #26616, @torkelo
  • Templating: Fixed access to system variables like __dashboard, __user & __org during dashboard load & variable queries. #26637, @torkelo
  • TextPanel: Fix content overflowing panel boundaries. #26612, @torkelo
  • TimePicker: Fix position and responsive behavior. #26570, @torkelo
  • TimePicker: Fixes app crash when changing custom range to nothing. #26775, @hugohaggmark
  • Units: Remove duplicate SI prefix from mSv and µSv. #26598, @tofurky
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