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v7.1.0-beta3 (2020-07-13)

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Features / Enhancements

  • Explore: Unification of logs/metrics/traces user interface. #25890, @aocenas
  • Graph panel: Move Stacking and null values before Hover tooltip options (#26035). #26037, @jsoref
  • LDAP: Get all groups for all group base search DNs. #25825, @Annegies
  • Table: JSON Cell should try to convert strings to JSON. #26024, @ryantxu
  • Transform: adding missing "table"-transform and "series to rows"-transform to Grafana v7-transforms. #26042, @mckn

Bug Fixes

  • AdminUsersTable: Fix width issues. #26019, @tskarhed
  • BarGauge: Fix space bug in single series mode. #26176, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Allow removing min refresh interval from refresh options (5s or other). #26150, @torkelo
  • DataLinks: Fixed interpolation of repeated variables used in Graph data links. #26147, @torkelo
  • Do not break dashboard settings UI when time intervals end with trailing comma. #26126, @dprokop
  • Elastic: Display correct log message based on selected log field. #26020, @ivanahuckova
  • InfluxDB: Fixed new group by dropdown now showing after first use. #26031, @torkelo
  • StatPanel: Fixes issue with name showing for single series / field results. #26070, @torkelo
  • Templating: Fix recursive loop of template variable queries when changing ad-hoc-variable. #26191, @torkelo
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