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This is release v0.4.0 of the Grafana Cloud Agent. Thanks to @robx for helping out with bug fixes in this one!

Notable changes:

This is a big feature release! Most notably, the Grafana Cloud Agent now includes support for integrations, which are embedded exporters that can scrape metrics on your behalf and remote_write them without having to configure Prometheus or install an exporter yourself.

The two integrations in v0.4.0 are the agent integration (allowing the Agent to scrape metrics from itself) and the node_exporter integration (allowing the Agent to scrape metrics from a UNIX host). The node_exporter integration built by vendoring the upstream node_exporter from Prometheus. More integrations will be added in future releases.

v0.4.0 includes some important bug fixes from the previous release and is recommended for all users of v0.3.2, namely:

  • Prevent the Agent from crashing when a global Prometheus config stanza is not provided. (@robx)
  • Enable agent host_filter in the Tanka configs, which was disabled by default by mistake. (@rfratto)

As always, the full changelog can be found within the repo.


Grafana Cloud Agent is currently distributed in plain binary form, Docker
container images, and a Kubernetes install script. Choose whichever fits your
use-case best.

Kubernetes Install Script

The following script will download a Kubernetes manifest for the Agent and
prompt for remote_write credentials. It requires curl and envsubst (GNU gettext).

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -

Docker container:

docker pull "grafana/agent:v0.4.0"


We provide precompiled binary executables for the most common operating systems.
Choose from the assets below for your matching operating system. Example for the
linux operating system on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agent-linux-amd64"


agentctl, a tool for helping you interact with the Agent,
is available as a Docker image:

docker pull "grafana/agentctl:v0.4.0"

Or as a binary. Like before, choose the assets below that matches your
operating system. For example, with linux on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agentctl-linux-amd64"
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