github grafana/agent v0.3.2

A little over a week from v0.3.1 and it's time for a new patch release with v0.3.2!

Notable changes:

This release primarily focuses on fixing bugs from v0.3.0 and v0.3.1 and is recommended for all v0.3.x users:

  • [BUGFIX] A deadlock in scraping service mode when updating a config that shards to the same node has been fixed (@rfratto)

  • [BUGFIX] remote_write config stanzas will no longer ignore password_file (@rfratto)

  • [BUGFIX] scrape_config client secrets (e.g., basic auth, bearer token, password_file) will now be properly retained in scraping service mode (@rfratto)

  • [BUGFIX] Labels for CPU, RX, and TX graphs in the Agent Operational dashboard now correctly show the pod name of the Agent instead of the exporter name. (@rfratto)

There is one other major change that requires caution: the Tanka configs and Kubernetes manifest now use different labels for metrics scraped from pods discovered using Kubernetes SD. The previous instance label has been renamed to pod, and a new instance label with fully unique values has taken its place. A container label has also been added.

This change was made to sync with the Prometheus Ksonnet found in grafana/jsonnet-libs, and is now matches up with labeling standards from the Kubernetes ecosystem.

The agent dashboard mixins have been updated to accomodate the new labels, so if you update your grafana/agent to v0.3.2 and use our Tanka configs or our Kubernetes manifest, you should also update your mixins (if deployed) for the dashboards to work properly. No other changes are required when updating to v0.3.2.

As always, the full list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.


Grafana Cloud Agent is currently distributed in plain binary form, Docker
container images, and a Kubernetes install script. Choose whichever fits your
use-case best.

Kubernetes Install Script

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -

Docker container:

docker pull "grafana/agent:v0.3.2"


We provide precompiled binary executables for the most common operating systems.
Choose from the assets below for your matching operating system. Example for the
linux operating system on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agent-linux-amd64"


agentctl, a tool for helping you interact with the Agent,
is available as a Docker image:

docker pull "grafana/agentctl:v0.3.2"

Or as a binary. Like before, choose the assets below that matches your
operating system. For example, with linux on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agentctl-linux-amd64"
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