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This is release v0.3.0 of the Grafana Cloud Agent! 🎉

Before we dive into the notable changes, a huge shoutout is deserved for @hoenn and @gotjosh who have been spending a lot of time helping out with the Agent and pushing it to grow ❤️ . Every contribution, whether
it's review feedback or a PR, is greatly appreciated.

Notable changes:

We've been hard at work implementing a new operational mode for the Agent, which we're calling the "scraping service mode." The scraping service mode allows you to deploy a clustered set of Agents that automatically balance scrape load between them based on the number of Agents within the cluster. The scraping service mode is experimental and should be used with caution.

Released alongside the scraping service mode is agentctl, which will aim to help users interact with the Agent. The v0.3.0 release gives agentctl the ability to sync config files to the KV store used for the scraping service mode. For more info on the scraping service mode and agentctl, check out its dedicated docs.

Full release notes are located within the repo's


Grafana Cloud Agent is currently distributed in plain binary form, Docker
container images, and a Kubernetes install script. Choose whichever fits your
use-case best.

Kubernetes Install Script

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -

Docker container:

docker pull "grafana/agent:v0.3.0"


We provide precompiled binary executables for the most common operating systems.
Choose from the assets below for your matching operating system. Example for the
linux operating system on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agent-linux-amd64"
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