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The v0.2.0 release of the Grafana Cloud Agent approaches! v0.2.0 is a small release, but important as it fixes a critical bug around scraping cAdvisor and Kubelet metrics when using Kubernetes service discovery with role: node configured.

Notable changes:

  • [FEATURE] The Prometheus remote write protocol will now send scraped metadata (metric name, help, type and unit). This results in almost negligent bytes sent increase as metadata is only sent every minute. It is on by default. (@gotjosh)

These metrics are available to monitor metadata being sent:

- `prometheus_remote_storage_succeeded_metadata_total`
- `prometheus_remote_storage_failed_metadata_total`
- `prometheus_remote_storage_retried_metadata_total`
- `prometheus_remote_storage_sent_batch_duration_seconds` and
  `prometheus_remote_storage_sent_bytes_total` have a new label “type” with
  the values of `metadata` or `samples`.
  • [FEATURE] The Agent has upgraded its vendored Prometheus to v2.17.1 (@rfratto)

  • [BUGFIX] Invalid configs passed to the agent will now stop the process after they are logged as invalid; previously the Agent process would continue. (@rfratto)

  • [BUGFIX] Enabling host_filter will now allow metrics from node role Kubernetes service discovery to be scraped properly (e.g., cAdvisor, Kubelet). (@rfratto)


Grafana Cloud Agent is currently distributed in plain binary form, Docker
container images, and a Kubernetes install script. Choose whichever fits your
use-case best.

Kubernetes Install Script

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -

Docker container:

docker pull "grafana/agent:v0.2.0"


We provide precompiled binary executables for the most common operating systems.
Choose from the assets below for your matching operating system. Example for the
linux operating system on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agent-linux-amd64"
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