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This is release v0.16.0 of the Grafana Agent!


Read the migration guide for specific instructions on upgrading from older versions.

There are no breaking changes in this release.

Notable changes:

This releases introduces the first beta of the Grafana Agent Operator! 🎉 The first release is focused on Prometheus Operator compatibility. This means, for now, it only supports metrics, and is only available in Docker image form for the time being. Future releases will add support for logging, traces, integrations. A helm chart is also planned. Keep an eye out for future updates, and please try out the operator and give us feedback!

This release also fixes two performance regressions introduced in v0.14.0:

  • Fix a leak in the shared string interner introduced in v0.14.0. This fix was made to a dependency.
  • Fix issue where a target will fail to be scraped for the process lifetime if that target had gone down for long enough that its series were removed from the in-memory cache (2 GC cycles).

The full list of changes is available in the CHANGELOG.


Grafana Agent is currently distributed in plain binary form, Docker container images, a Windows installer, and a Kubernetes install script. Choose whichever fits your use-case best.

Kubernetes Install Script

The following scripts will download and install two Kubernetes manifests for the Agent. The first manifest collects metrics, the second collects logs, and the final collects traces. You will be prompted for input for each manifest. The script requires curl and envsubst (GNU gettext).

NAMESPACE="default" /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -
NAMESPACE="default" /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -
NAMESPACE="default" /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" | kubectl apply -f -

Docker container:

docker pull "grafana/agent:v0.16.0"

Windows installer

The Windows installer is provided as a release asset for x64 machines.


We provide precompiled binary executables for the most common operating systems. Choose from the assets below for your matching operating system. Example for the linux operating system on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agent-linux-amd64"


agentctl, a tool for helping you interact with the Agent, is available as a Docker image:

docker pull "grafana/agentctl:v0.16.0"

Or as a binary. Like before, choose the assets below that matches your operating system. For example, with linux on amd64:

# download the binary
curl -O -L ""

# extract the binary
unzip ""

# make sure it is executable
chmod a+x "agentctl-linux-amd64"


agent-operator, a Kubernetes Operator for the Grafana Agent, is available only as a Docker image:

docker pull "grafana/agent-operator:v0.16.0"
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