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Automatically delete state after user has disconnected from the webpage (#7829 6a4bf7a)

Gradio now automatically deletes gr.State variables stored in the server's RAM when users close their browser tab.
The deletion will happen 60 minutes after the server detected a disconnect from the user's browser.
If the user connects again in that timeframe, their state will not be deleted.

Additionally, Gradio now includes a Blocks.unload() event, allowing you to run arbitrary cleanup functions when users disconnect (this does not have a 60 minute delay).
You can think of the unload event as the opposite of the load event.

with gr.Blocks() as demo:
"""# State Cleanup Demo
🖼️ Images are saved in a user-specific directory and deleted when the users closes the page via demo.unload.
    with gr.Row():
        with gr.Column(scale=1):
            with gr.Row():
                img = gr.Image(label="Generated Image", height=300, width=300)
            with gr.Row():
                gen = gr.Button(value="Generate")
            with gr.Row():
                history = gr.Gallery(label="Previous Generations", height=500, columns=10)
                state = gr.State(value=[], delete_callback=lambda v: print("STATE DELETED"))

    demo.load(generate_random_img, [state], [img, state, history]), [state], [img, state, history])

demo.launch(auth=lambda user,pwd: True,
            auth_message="Enter any username and password to continue")

Thanks @freddyaboulton!

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