github gpodder/gpodder 3.10.21

latest releases: 3.11.0, adaptive/3.10.21+1
13 months ago

This release includes multiple fixes for Youtube and Soundcloud, and a new channel dialog layout.

Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

Thanks to @18928172992817182, @adasiko, @auouymous, @elelay, @neodyne, @serkan-maker, @tpikonen and @web-flow for contributing to this release!

Changes since 3.10.20:


  • #1071 narrow channel dialog
  • add Strawberry player to the enqueue extension
  • skip non-integer youtube formats
  • use util.urlopen instead of requests.get for youtube
  • save and restore channel dialog state

Bug fixes

  • #1065 prevent soundcloud from downloading existing episodes on each update
  • #1073 fix native youtube support in Europe by automatically accepting GDPR consent form
  • #1084 fix native youtube support by trying new endpoint before old endpoint
  • #1095 fix links in About dialog on platforms without gvfs
  • fix 'msgid' format string with unnamed arguments cannot be properly localized warning
  • fix DRM content detection for youtube episodes
  • fix "gpo sync" failure
  • fix soundcloud API change when adding new channels


  • French
  • Slovak
  • Turkish
  • Russian

CI references

  • macOS CircleCI build 649
  • Windows Appveyor build 1.0.473


  • md5:1533d8d4dfb0779f6c31e58d68016071 sha256:a6b62428f28f0a06f3d8359999594688ddd38e1b3c7c22eb51dfadf0f39cf5a4

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.21-contents.txt md5:1a4710f9d4e8af47607e908f7ca85093 sha256:a4192a43a2eaf810f92edfc893bf0aca450cc44d5028ac0380081d9fc68ec628

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.21-installer.exe md5:0414ad96c47bbf2923dd7328a9ba1eb6 sha256:4ff9927cdb5433ada01865c22e7c9a5a3c5c4b205b2b69a6863bf5807171c504

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.21-portable.exe md5:1d885382ba84a543bb041352b0c75d58 sha256:697df04a7783538a3ad65663e9ff1b1f78bd34e559d518ffbd61774376123494

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