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14 months ago

This release fixes the internal Youtube downloader, and the bundled Youtube-DL for European users on Windows and Mac.

Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

Thanks to @Vistaus, @auouymous, @dependabot[bot], @elelay, @huftis, @juergenhoetzel, @silpol, @tpikonen and @web-flow for contributing to this release!

Changes since 3.10.19:


  • #934 add more episode details to shownotes
  • #949 allow episodes with youtube-dl compatible URLs
  • #983 show channel or episode titles in delete dialog
  • #990 never delete locked episodes
  • #996 do not attempt to download episodes that lack an URL
  • #1001 add funding link on github project page
  • #1015 add checkbox to disable connection checking
  • #1018 build gPodder bundle from tools/mac-osx and downloaded generic bundle
  • #1028 create config file with group/world permissions revoked
  • #1030 improve channel and episode searching
  • #1031 allow a narrower podcast directory window
  • #1035 make refreshing channel image more discoverable and easier to do
  • #1037 cancel failed download in progress tab when deleting episode
  • #1039 show error icon on episodes that fail to download
  • #1040 show section if any of its channels have an update error
  • #1044 improve Youtube streaming
  • #1047 use latest Youtube-DL for Windows builds (Mac builds did the same in #1018)
  • #1055 subscribe to Youtube channels via video pages
  • support dragging HTTPS URLs to image in channel dialog

Bug fixes

  • #991 properly toggle deleted episodes to new
  • #1015 fix connection checking for some linux users
  • #1034 fix dragging an image URL to image in channel dialog
  • #1043 fix internal Youtube support
  • #1059 using audio formats with Youtube-DL will show audio icon and use audio player
  • #1060 add tools/requirements.txt (should fix socks proxy in flatpak)
  • fix "Open" item on episode context menu and give it an icon
  • skip 'best' Youtube formats when using built-in support
  • bump required youtube-dl version to 2021.02.04


  • Norwegian Nynorsk
  • Dutch

CI references

  • macOS CircleCI build 621
  • Windows Appveyor build 1.0.446


  • md5:e49d4768a96178838c094d66923b74d1 sha256:41fa47705737692090c5b33b2f26ddbb1688efa1ad9a804b1a6f40877c22cc31

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.20-contents.txt md5:ed5f74c31fac951b056261f38a6184ea sha256:eb558d4ba6cd3243ab42ff3a3c7fe82def677fb49573950792feadecf5194b68

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.20-installer.exe md5:d25f25f8427353c048a96f4e1a20632b sha256:a391067d91c8e2721133a1cf420184f5f85fa21e8102cbcb113d3567a7522d6f

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.20-portable.exe md5:5d074f6e7ce00bb61423cc1fe21f33d1 sha256:a470960469b47f09700e660c71b87c4de07be4db2242c3181f899418ed9fc7f4

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