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16 months ago

This release requires requests 2.24 or greater. It adds support for compressed feeds and redirections, and includes various HTTP/HTTPS fixes and improvements. It also adds filtering of the episode list by selecting channel sections.

Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

Thanks to @Johennes, @TZocker, @Vistaus, @adasiko, @auouymous, @elelay, @goosePuncher, @huftis, @paper42, @serkan-maker, @shunf4, @thisfred, @thp, @tpikonen and @web-flow for contributing to this release!

Changes since 3.10.17:

New features

  • #897 add 'Always show new episodes' toggle to view menu
  • #966 add combined duration and size columns to episode list
  • #971 make sections selectable + filter episodes on channel search pattern


  • #843 use the requests package (compressed feeds, redirects, and more)
  • #919 log youtube-dl version and warn if known to have issues
  • #930 prevent 'add podcast' text entry from expanding vertically
  • #931 refactor shownotes
  • #933 get correct window size when saving UI state
  • #933 do not save or restore window position
  • #943 set episode selector title before creating window
  • #946 narrow down About dialog, pack items vertically
  • #952 don't reset last folder to home if cancel is selected in 'Send to' dialog
  • #951 skip episode media with 'application/*' mime type, if there is video or audio
  • #953 make layouting calculations clearer in draw_text_pill()
  • #957 strip HTML tags from channel descriptions
  • #965 disable context menu item if channel or episode has no website
  • #962 remove deprecated gtk elements in preferences dialog
  • remove config.player and config.videoplayer from legacy settings
  • #968 show URL that caused invalid feed error
  • #984 require either DISPLAY or WAYLAND_DISPLAY being set

Bug fixes

  • fix #608 308 redirects
  • fix #905 HTTPS_PROXY
  • #910, #913, #915 fix windows installer build script
  • #927 don't leak kernel version in user-agent
  • #940 fix uncaught exception on channel list key navigation
  • fix gtk warnings in mass unsubscribe dialog when podcast title contains ampersand, etc.
  • #954 fix unit tests
  • #970 fix warning on non-200 status codes in coverart
  • #975 fix connectivity checking


Many translation updates:

  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian Nynorsk
  • Dutch

CI references

  • macOS CircleCI build 558
  • Windows Appveyor build 1.0.402


  • md5:ebeb8be3faf42d5637c336f5c4c9fc43 sha256:a51a856ae42b45356f08f43ad66b8d93a6ba923b75c7c3918a9c2178ebeb17b6

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.18-contents.txt md5:2fedbff39b2c0225573edb1137e83420 sha256:b3f88870086065a7c53b05314039f25785622ebc53557e9ac8d4beb4c57198d7

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.18-installer.exe md5:4fdb24a8ef176c543d1aee2cc25079d0 sha256:4af2159495c6d4e083496535d5990f37d6cd3c42acfd2f9a7fca1cf04bd9a326

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.18-portable.exe md5:3b476c2e39d2ba5f3bdb0d3ad26ace9f sha256:ca2c48d151ab3a54b8fff90a43dfef6c957b67f11226757cbc51c0c8dbff9070

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