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20 months ago

This release restores Youtube-DL function. It also includes a lot of fixes and improvements since last release.

Notably: feed update errors now only produce a single notification. See feeds in error via a warning icon next to their title.
You'll get the error message in the description (also in settings for the feed in error).

Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

Thanks to @TZocker, @Vistaus, @auouymous, @ciampix, @elelay, @huftis, @jing2uo, @mrkaban, @seanvert, @tpikonen, @web-flow and @youve for contributing to this release!

Changes since 3.10.16:

New features

  • #834 run command on download works from gpo


  • #838 rename youtube-dl partial file when it contains % or $ characters
  • #796 MKV Files Not Properly Renamed,
  • #846 youtube rss feed urls
  • #850 Discard episode when its GUID collides with a newer episode.
  • #866 Show update error in the podcast dialog (for copy-paste and seeing it fully)
  • #867 youtube live streaming support
  • #871 add youtube streaming format for 1080p
  • #873 Detect new key name for youtube DRM content
  • #879 Avoid stale Today and Yesterday dates by refreshing episodes daily
  • #902 support youtube user url

Bug fixes

  • fix tagging extension exception on mkv files
  • fix #830 Shortcut key conflict Episode descriptions vs Discover new Podcasts
  • #848 fix youtube-dl not responding to config change
  • #855 detect DORMANT wifi state as online
  • #857 only send a single channel update error notification to avoid spamming the user
  • fix #727 gtk exception when hiding deleted episodes
  • fix #869 fix already subscribed to youtube feed in some cases
  • #875 Fix escapist and gpo issues caused by youtube streaming
  • #877 Remove leftover debug message
  • #901 Fix translation of Youtube playlist URL to a feed
  • fix #888 Prevent an empty entries bug in YouTube-DL from removing all episodes.


Many translation updates:

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

CI references

  • macOS CircleCI build 488
  • Windows Appveyor build 1.0.345


  • windows-gpodder-3.10.17-installer.exe md5:0f009a9c3fa6b7c4fa5330d699ebd517 sha256:0a6343a26291d53d6ac9bd69557fe413faa4f4d4b15d123bba73270e0928b190

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.17-contents.txt md5:c4978ab27f3ee2412e3dbb22de0779f2 sha256:5d9013f84ec2feae675a8ffa802600df0fc0ffbc687a65a1a4333e033d950818

  • md5:5732c03c3c261be0b22e5933bed932a6 sha256:59530fd2d3e28fd4cb3a9a843c146e82c55c6e4cc0c4e83372259b66f088d5e6

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.17-portable.exe md5:b294da034c7e3d3ff7cbbbe8a295793f sha256:3aab7923afdfc7d11f1be404ed13de2368a9719826aa01cee0a9a8bae8ff3bf1

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