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2 years ago

This release updates Youtube-DL for compatibility with recent updates.
It improves search, with menu items to make it more accessible and new EQL capabilities.
See The user manual for examples.

Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.

Thanks to @TZocker, @Vistaus, @auouymous, @elelay, @huftis, @thp and @web-flow for contributing to this release!

Changes since 3.10.15:

New features

  • #685 add menu items to trigger podcast/episode search
  • #804 add EQL functions to match text in title and/or description ((S("case sensitive")), (s("case insentitive")), (R("case sentitive regex")), (r("case insentitive regex"))
  • #820 add podcast and section EQL variables for use with SsRr functions (in addition to title and description)
  • #795 filter episodes extension works in gpo
  • #802 --quiet flag for less messages on the console
  • #791 better client-side decorations on environments requesting them (gnome3)


  • #787 refactor youtube formats and add settings for more resolutions
  • #798 don't clear custom youtube formats when switching to a builtin one
  • #803 better indicate optional imports (gpod and eyed3.mp3)

Bug fixes

  • #776 fix ubuntu/unity extensions
  • #788 mpris_listener playback position lost on VLC quit
  • #790 Gtk UI: Force-resize icons in player list
  • #805 readable hyperlinks in shownotes with darker themes
  • #807 - outdated podcastparser on windows (and macOS)

Updated Translations

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian Nynorsk

CI references

  • macOS CircleCI build 419
  • Windows Appveyor build 1.0.299


  • md5:3ee0280c390b693f79e074234acfa003 sha256:122ba5535a6a870b06ea60e670a51de29fc436d103c370439e91cc610dd46531

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.16-portable.exe md5:9495b158ab75d5d2be8db8eccfe2af43 sha256:7acbdc9efef1c5c29bcf384135e49fbc760b5a663d494431ecc0d20520e3058f

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.16-installer.exe md5:b374d880e6b1aa392e03f9b23c58875c sha256:c4fb996064418b441860c26a94a87b7498de9d51eb8d9eca681e0420c05ebd66

  • windows-gpodder-3.10.16-contents.txt md5:deaeca7c9092ee8a9eefae15adeae26e sha256:6335fa89f4ffef02f44640a52bb6463b65f2d4e44432cd75c7d35e156c94ffed

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