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uBO Lite (uBOL), an experimental permission-less MV3 API-based content blocker.

See summary description/documentation.

Release notes

Refer to log.txt to see filters which could not be converted due to MV3 incompatibility. At the moment not all discarded filters are necessarily reported in there

Install from the Chrome Web Store

Manual installation:

  • Chromium: Download the uBOLite_0.1.[...] package below, unzip, navigate to chrome://extensions/ in your browser, then tell the browser to load the extension.
  • Firefox: Download the uBOLite_0.1.[...].firefox.mv3.xpi package below, navigate to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox in your browser, click "Load Temporary Add-on..." and pick the downloaded xpi file.
    • At the moment it is not possible to sign an extension for Firefox Nightly because AMO refuses to sign when minimum version is 113a1. As soon as AMO allows, a signed version of the extension will be published.
    • See commit message to find out what currently does not work in Firefox. Do not open issues about this.

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