github googleapis/python-tasks v2.2.0

latest releases: v2.9.0, v1.5.1, v2.8.1...
15 months ago


  • add from_service_account_info method to clients (e1fdc76)
  • v2beta3, v2beta2: introducing fields: ListQueuesRequest.read_mask, GetQueueRequest.read_mask, Queue.task_ttl, Queue.tombstone_ttl, Queue.stats and introducing messages: QueueStats (e1fdc76)

Bug Fixes

  • remove client recv msg limit fix: add enums to types/ (#56) (6a5bfaf)
  • Update sample comments (#58) (3eb30b3)


  • fix type references in docstrings (e1fdc76)
  • v2beta2: updates to AppEngineHttpRequest description (e1fdc76)
  • v2beta3: updates to max burst size description (e1fdc76)

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