github google/site-kit-wp 1.9.0


  • Introduce modules/pagespeed-insights datastore in JS. See #1500.
  • Introduce modules/search-console datastore in JS. See #1498.
  • Implement Site Kit widgets API datastore wrapper on googlesitekit.widgets. See #1301.
  • Introduce core/widgets datastore for Site Kit widget registrations. See #1298.
  • Integrate with the Analytics Provisioning API to enable creation of Analytics accounts directly from the plugin. See #1271.
  • Introduce modules/adsense JavaScript datastore with core functionality for the AdSense module. See #1247.
  • Add create-account-ticket datapoint for Analytics module that creates a new Analytics account ticket using the Provisioning API. See #1212.
  • Add notifications functionality to core/user store. See #1177.
  • Introduce core/user datastore for managing user-specific data in JS. See #1175.


  • Only request readonly OAuth scopes for each module by default, and prompt for additional scopes when needed for a specific action. See #1566.
  • Wrap all JavaScript apps into Root component with essential providers, error handlers etc. See #1530.
  • Introduce core/forms datastore to manage form state. See #1510.
  • Render amp-analytics snippet for Web Stories. See #1506.
  • Migrate PageSpeed Insights settings to using the datastore. See #1501.
  • Display actual Search Console property used in settings, and migrate to using the datastore. See #1499.
  • Rename Analytics profiles to views consistently. See #1486.
  • Improve AdSense account status and site status detection logic to be more error-proof. See #1332.
  • Add user profile information and verification state to core/user datastore. See #1176.
  • Significantly improve stability and maintainability of AdSense module setup and settings. See #1014.
  • Clarify message for when user needs to reauthenticate to grant required scopes. See #189.


  • Ensure all module caches are cleared when modifying Analytics settings. See #1593.
  • Fix bugs where CTAs to link Analytics to AdSense would never show. See #1545.
  • Fix AdSense report URL to not include user-specific affix. See #1516.
  • Fix Search Console deep links to use the correct property identifier. See #1497.
  • Fix bug where having a graylisted AdSense account would prevent the AdSense code from being placed. See #1494.
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