github google/site-kit-wp 1.43.0


  • Update proactive token refreshing to be limited to main Site Kit and WordPress dashboards. See #4182.
  • Register all traffic widget in traffic sections of the unified dashboard. See #4149.
  • Add AdSense summary and top-earning pages widgets to the monetization area. See #4080.
  • Update Google HTTP client to use same ca bundle as WordPress. See #4017.
  • Update the Analytics settings view panel to display "Use Snippet" settings below the appropriate property blocks. See #3996.
  • Improve text on AdSense and Analytics setting toggles. See #3850.
  • Add AdSense for Platforms meta tag. See #3688.
  • Abort saving Analytics settings when required extra permissions are declined for creating a new GA4 property or measurement ID. See #3546.
  • Enhance some checkboxes with a spinner when its value is being loaded. See #3304.
  • Fix wording of ad blocker warning to always reflect the current state of the AdSense module. See #3208.
  • Update CSS files to be built with unique file names for production builds. See #2806.
  • Improve validation for domains used for Site Kit during setup. See #1884.


  • Update the AdSense snippet to no longer include deprecated attributes. See #4180.
  • Fix permissions dialog issue on the WP dashboard page caused by Idea Hub CTA. See #4125.
  • Update admin settings for consistency and introduce optional loading state for checkboxes. See #4038.
  • Update the modules list banner not to disable connected modules. See #4014.
  • Improve the "Re-authentication needed" error messages and redirects. See #3931.
  • Hide the Impressions column of the AdSense Top Earning Pages widget on mobile screens. See #3781.
  • Update Optimize module settings to avoid the flash of use snippet instructions when Analytics settings are being resolved. See #3720.
4 days ago