github google/site-kit-wp 1.42.0


  • Update focus of Idea Hub module feature tour to highlight entire widget. See #4076.
  • Add survey trigger for Idea Hub widget interactions. See #4052.
  • Add new conditional follow-up questions to user surveys. See #4051.
  • Show Idea Hub tabs even when no ideas are available. See #4013.
  • Use Idea Hub activities endpoint when drafting, publishing or deleting a post. See #3938.
  • Update Idea Hub API to use v1 beta. See #3916.
  • Update Idea Hub widget pagination to scroll to widget top on page change if out of view. See #3841.
  • Prevent feature tours from appearing during module setup. See #3187.
  • Improve wording of "Invalid nonce" errors. See #3098.


  • Avoid potentially simultaneous token refresh requests by proactively refreshing soon-to-expire tokens. See #3477.


  • Fix various JS errors due to problems with the Google Charts library. See #4074.
  • Remove leftover use of helpVisibility feature flag. See #4069.
  • Fix validation for Subscribe with Google publication ID so that it allows non-domain input. See #4025.
  • Fix font problems in the Idea Hub widget. See #4012.
  • Fix positioning of the Site Kit header at the breakpoint between mobile and tablet viewports. See #3986.
  • Update the post state for Idea Hub posts and enable it for posts of all statuses. See #3909.
  • Use query params instead of hash URLs in Idea Hub tabs. See #3886.
  • Improve Idea Hub tab behaviour when using browser navigation. See #3860.
  • Prevent Idea Hub tab navigation from adding to the browser's history. See #3796.
  • Update the Detailed Page Stats page to display AMP traffic for an AMP version of a page. See #3080.
  • Fix Analytics queries for URL lists to ignore titles for the metrics, while still showing the title for each URL. See #3070.
latest release: 1.43.0
26 days ago