github google/site-kit-wp 1.41.0


  • Update the Idea_Hub class to invalidate cached ideas when an idea is modified or a new post is created. See #3922.
  • Update the Idea Hub notification text. See #3912.
  • Update WP dashboard Idea Hub CTA design and language. See #3911.
  • Update descriptions for Idea Hub module and widget. See #3908.
  • Add tooltips for action buttons in the Idea Hub dashboard widget. See #3906.
  • Improve pagination behaviour in Idea Hub. See #3859.
  • Add "Experimental" badge to Idea Hub UI. See #3810.
  • Scaffold Subscribe with Google module. See #3808.
  • Update AdSense tag code to improve Ad performance. See #3783.
  • Improve AdSense graphs on mobile screens. See #3317.
  • Update GA measurement opt-out mechanism for logged-in users to be property-specific. See #3294.
  • Improve UX to close tooltips within charts. See #2659.
  • Add surrounding comments to all HTML tags output by Site Kit modules. See #1504.
  • Add link to Settings page in plugin action links on plugins page. See #1194.


  • Fix counts on Idea Hub widget tab labels to only show up if greater than zero. See #3964.
  • Always load Google fonts using purely CSS rather than relying on a JavaScript snippet. See #3932.
  • Fix Dashboard Search Widget zero state bug. See #3880.
  • Fix Admin Bar Analytics link when using Twenty Twenty-One theme. See #3849.
  • Ensure the icon buttons in the Idea Hub widget do not overlap idea labels. See #3839.
  • Fix "Connected" messages to avoid duplicate words for screen reader. See #3763.
  • Fix a potential error due to report data associated with an invalid URL. See #3752.
  • Update the AdSense setup CTA in the activation success banner to be disabled when an ad-blocker is detected. See #3721.
  • Update Analytics goals widget CTA link to open in a new window. See #3683.
  • Fix UI bugs in User Input's fifth question. See #3682.
  • Fix potential error in older browsers that don't support IntersectionObserver. See #3278.
latest releases: 1.43.0, 1.42.0
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