github google/site-kit-wp 1.40.0


  • Show correct footer information based on Idea Hub tab. See #3865.
  • Update styles of the topic idea element to have a light-blue background. See #3857.
  • Update position of action buttons for ideas in Idea Hub dashboard widget in mobile. See #3855.
  • Update CTA language for WP post list notifications. See #3852.
  • Update the number of ideas shown per page on the Idea Hub dashboard widget. See #3843.
  • Update language in Idea Hub feature tour to use en-US locale for consistency. See #3834.
  • Update the IdeaHub widget to display the "Updated every 2-3 days" message only for the new ideas tab. See #3832.
  • Add an open text type to user surveys. See #3762.
  • Add multiple choice selection questions to User Input surveys. See #3761.
  • Add a new "single select" option to User Input Surveys. See #3760.
  • Implement functionality for saving and dismissing an Idea Hub idea. See #3747.
  • Remove unused legacy JS code after removal of legacy components and data API. See #3646.
  • Add feature tour for Idea Hub drafts to the post list table in WP admin. See #3625.
  • Update Idea Hub to use the production API. See #3518.
  • Update viewport icons used in PageSpeed Insights widget. See #3162.
  • Add a notice to Optimize users warning them that Analytics requests are not being tracked for signed-in users. See #3000.
  • Add Tag Manager AMP tag support for Web Stories. See #2070.


  • Fix Idea Hub tab localization text. See #3899.
  • Fix pagination in the Idea Hub dashboard widget to disable next button on last page. See #3866.
  • Fix Idea Hub CTA for saved ideas on the WordPress dashboard to only show if the user has any saved ideas. See #3845.
  • Update Sidekick zero state graphics with proper files. See #3840.
  • Fix Idea Hub dashboard widget pagination controls from stacking in small viewports. See #3838.
  • Fix Idea Hub Tour Activation bug. See #3836.
  • Update Idea Hub new, saved, and draft ideas requests to invalidate the cache when a post created for an idea changes its status. See #3757.
  • Fix a bug where Site Kit did not disable Tag Manager tag when an existing tag was detected. See #3338.
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