github google/site-kit-wp 1.39.0


  • Update the Idea Hub widget to display its footer in the Widget.Footer prop. See #3773.
  • Add and update deep links on Analytics settings view to edit the UA property view and GA4 measurement ID. See #3702.
  • Decouple Google API client creation logic from main OAuth client tied to the current WordPress user. See #3658.
  • Remove server-side REST batch data infrastructure. See #3644.
  • Add option to insert the Anti Flicker snippet when connecting Optimize. See #3013.
  • Add method for disabling auto-ads for logged-in users. See #2681.
  • Remove legacy data API code. See #2258.
  • Update Google fonts loaded by Site Kit to be filterable. Props lkraav. See #1703.
  • Add a toggle to enable/disable the Site Kit admin bar feature. See #990.
  • Add filters to allow modifications on the AdSense code. Props Fu-San. See #336.


  • Consolidate blue colors in notice text. See #3716.
  • Improve module disconnect screen when a module doesn't have listed features. See #3691.
  • Fix potential "Cannot read property 'slug' of undefined" error on Site Kit screens. See #3618.
latest releases: 1.43.0, 1.42.0, 1.41.0...
2 months ago