github google/site-kit-wp 1.38.0


  • Improve the tab-switching UX in the Idea Hub dashboard widget. See #3723.
  • Add feature description to Idea Hub module. See #3692.
  • Ensure Idea Hub draft posts are properly labelled even when Idea Hub is disconnected. See #3639.
  • Update Google PHP client services library to latest version. See #3628.
  • Update language on initial setup screen. See #3581.
  • Add a new feature tour for the Idea Hub widget. See #3524.
  • Add Idea Hub dashboard notification to inform users about new Idea Hub module. See #3523.
  • Add the Idea Hub notice to the posts list table. See #3359.
  • Enhance Google API client with user-specific quota token to differentiate quota usage between users. See #2217.
  • Remove weekday alignment functionality for previous period from Analytics module and Site Kit entirely. See #2122.
  • Update module page dashboards to use Widget API unconditionally and remove legacy implementations. See #2077.
  • Add a new tag guard that prevents rendering tags for non-production environments. Props lukecav. See #2054.
  • Update dashboard and details page to display widgets only. See #1997.
  • Improve WordPress dashboard widget UX so that only one CTA per module is displayed when the module has no data or needs to be activated. See #1147.
  • Update copy in AdSense disconnect modal. See #683.


  • Fix possible JavaScript error related to certain Google charts not rendering properly in Safari. See #3784.
  • Fix bug in Idea Hub dashboard widget that caused drafts not to refresh. See #3733.
  • Ensure the "Edit" mode for modules without a dedicated "Edit" UI for their settings can still be exited, and fall back to showing the regular "View" UI in those cases. See #3727.
  • Improve Widget layout when dismissing the Idea Hub call-to-action. See #3722.
  • Fix Idea Hub draft post links ampersand output. See #3708.
  • Update stats graphs not to duplicate dates when 7 days period is selected. See #3643.
  • Add a timeout to delay caching the survey by 30 seconds. See #3633.
  • Fix bug where the filter behavior used for Analytics and AdSense report data was not working for sites with a unicode or punycode domain. Props HFigarella. See #3606.
  • Fix a bug in Analytics setup where a matching secondary property would not be automatically selected when the primary property was changed. See #3549.
  • Improve display of long names in select dropdowns. See #3497.
  • Update settings to redirect back to the settings page after disconnecting a module. See #3393.
  • Prevent rendering errors when the Admin Menu has been customized. See #3263.
  • Fix admin bar styles conflict with W3 Total Cache Minify functionality. See #1427.
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