github google/site-kit-wp 1.37.0


  • Update wording in permissions modal when GA4 needs to create a web data stream for the selected property. See #3622.
  • Add a new "Verification Status" row to the Site Health information for Site Kit. See #3621.
  • Show information notice about associated UA / GA4 property only once a property has been selected. See #3614.
  • Update styles of controls in the GA4 notice box on the settings page. See #3541.
  • Add selected state of 300ms to user feedback survey. See #3531.
  • Add Idea Hub setup UI. See #3522.
  • Implement Idea Hub widget functionality for saving and unsaving an idea. See #3519.
  • Add loading indicator to the Idea Hub widget when a new draft is being created. See #3387.
  • Allow Idea Hub CTA to be dismissed. See #3360.
  • Add the Idea Hub notification to the WordPress block editor. See #3272.
  • Refactor settings tabs with React Router and update URL hashes with more user-friendly names. See #2514.


  • Fix bug in new React Router-based Settings Screen. See #3707.
  • Fix potential Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined related to GA4 property matching logic. See #3706.
  • Fix message for AdSense account with no data in new widget-based screen. See #3667.
  • Fix a bug in Idea Hub where the most recent draft idea posts were not shown after creating a new draft from idea. See #3660.
  • Add a configurable timeout to User Survey components. See #3655.
  • Fix issue with Google Charts showing negative labels in some charts. See #3564.
  • Improve User Input tag creation on Mobile Safari. See #3420.
  • Fix global storybook padding issues. See #3174.
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