github google/site-kit-wp 1.36.0


  • Enhance experience for sites with UA Analytics already configured before GA4 is enabled. See #3586.
  • Implement Idea Hub datastore infrastructure for saving and dismissing an idea. See #3556.
  • Display measurement ID for Google Analytics 4 property in Settings. See #3545.
  • Update text in some Google Analytics 4 notices. See #3544.
  • Show separate UA and GA4 snippet toggles in Analytics Settings. See #3542.
  • Improve Google Analytics 4 notices. See #3540.
  • Improve user survey styling on mobile viewports. See #3530.
  • Show Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in User Feedback survey if the user hasn't opted-in to tracking. See #3528.
  • Implement a minimal settings panel for the Idea Hub module. See #3521.
  • Update API client library and AdSense integration to use the new version 2 of their API. See #3517.
  • Improve button tooltips across plugin. See #3516.
  • Update button links to show "opens in new tab" ARIA help text, and open all User Feedback links in a new tab. See #3510.
  • Don't show notifications if a user survey has already been displayed. See #3508.
  • Display date range for data in the Admin Bar. See #3202.
  • Remove the option to include/exclude logged-in users when the Analytics snippet is not placed via Site Kit. See #2910.
  • Update error message shown to AMP users when connecting Tag Manager after Analytics. See #2292.


  • Fix potential React error when using Google Translate and then changing the date range in a Site Kit admin screen. See #3636.
  • Fix a bug where GA4 settings were not cleared when deactivating Analytics. See #3616.
  • Fix AMP validation error caused by the GA opt-out snippet conditionally placed by Site Kit. See #3572.
  • Ensure account and property are preselected during setup when user has a matching GA4 property only. See #3543.
  • Update Analytics account creation to ensure a GA4 property is always created when GA4 is enabled. See #3539.
  • Fix an infinite loading state when attempting to create a new Analytics account with GA4. See #3537.
  • Only show a GA4 creation notice once an account is selected in Analytics setup. See #3536.
  • Allow posts with Idea Hub drafts to be trashed. See #3514.
  • Enhance user survey display with added animation on enter and exit. See #3509.
  • Fix a bug related to localized number formatting for browsers that have limited support for formatting options. See #3255.
  • Improve table views on mobile screens. See #3138.
  • Fix bug where AMP mode detection would not consider the AMP plugin's template mode setting when the Web Stories plugin is active. See #2998.
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