github google/site-kit-wp 1.35.0


  • Update shadow used by user surveys to enhance contrast and improve visibility. See #3529.
  • Make text casing in User Feedback and Idea Hub buttons consistent with the rest of the plugin. See #3507.
  • Add React components for rendering and managing user surveys. See #3380.
  • Add React components for rendering user survey UI. See #3379.
  • Add React component for triggering a user survey on view. See #3376.
  • Implement a component to render the current survey. See #3375.
  • Add REST routes for user survey endpoints. See #3374.
  • Add Idea Hub widget support for creating idea draft posts. See #3357.
  • Add support for Google Analytics 4 tags in the notices for existing Google Analytics tags in the Analytics setup. See #3289.
  • Added GA4 script tag detection. See #3288.
  • Add a module activation CTA for Idea Hub to the Site Kit dashboard. See #3275.
  • Show GA4 property in Analytics Settings when available. See #3254.
  • Update Analytics account provisioning screen to inform about GA4 property creation. See #3253.
  • Update Analytics account provisioning to create a corresponding GA4 property as well. See #3252.
  • Added a UI to manage Analytics Accounts with both Universal Analytics and GA4 properties. See #3250.
  • Add setup variant for Analytics accounts with only GA4 properties. See #3249.
  • Fix a bug where Google API requests would be made when necessary scopes were not granted. See #3227.
  • Improve the AdSense AdBlocker check. See #2749.
  • Enable Prefetch DNS Requests on external Google services used by Site Kit. Props glanglois. See #2203.


  • Limit effective values for Google proxy base URL. See #3217.


  • Fix a React console error when viewing widget-based module screens. See #3559.
  • Fix a problem where GA4 property selection is not preserved after granting additional scopes. See #3550.
  • Fix a problem where Analytics settings cannot be saved when selected account has UA and GA4 properties with different URLs. See #3538.
  • Update All Traffic widget legend slice labels to use title case. See #3327.
  • Improve behaviour of the "confirm changes" button in Search Console settings on load. See #3318.
  • Fix output of AdSense snippet in AMP Reader mode. See #3218.
  • Update charts to use consistent styles between modules. See #3083.
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