github google/site-kit-wp 1.34.0


  • Add Idea Hub notice to the WP dashboard widget. See #3358.
  • Add initial actions and selectors to core/user data store for handling user surveys. See #3355.
  • Enhance default Analytics property selection when selecting an Analytics account. See #3291.
  • Update success notification for the Analytics module when GA4 support is activated. See #3290.
  • Update Analytics setup to pre-select the GA4 property based on current site URL. See #3286.
  • Implement idea list tabs and basic interaction in Idea Hub widget. See #3276.
  • Add Idea Hub context for draft posts generated by Idea Hub. See #3271.
  • Add selectors to get draft and published posts created using Idea Hub ideas. See #3270.
  • Add Idea Hub draft post support. See #3269.
  • Add Analytics property select component for showing all UA and GA4 properties. See #3246.
  • Only show Google Analytics property and profile selection if the parent (account/property) is valid. See #3243.
  • Add upper boundary for how long manual user input responses can be. See #3229.
  • Enhance widgets to combine into one widget if all widgets in an area have the same special state. See #3225.
  • Update the wording used for the anonymous usage tracking checkbox label. See #1238.


  • Fix regression where widget-based single URL screen would show up completely empty for content not found in the WordPress site. See #3493.
  • Fix potential dateRangeLength must be a positive integer. error for Search Console reports with missing dates. See #3418.
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