github google/site-kit-wp 1.32.0


  • Improve User Input "Others" help text when the input field is disabled. See #3188.
  • Implement selector to get all UA + GA4 properties. See #3167.
  • Update Analytics property select options to display property IDs in addition to names. See #3164.
  • Allow administrators to paste Google Ads conversion ID in Analytics settings so that it is integrated into the Site Kit-placed Analytics snippet. See #3161.
  • Scaffold new modules/idea-hub data store in JS. See #3152.
  • Scaffold new Idea_Hub PHP class. See #3150.
  • Add a selector to the core/site datastore for checking whether or not a given URL matches the site's reference URL. See #3105.
  • Implement a data store selector for selecting GA4 web data streams for multiple property IDs at once. See #3104.
  • Add data store selector and matching REST datapoint to the GA4 module to retrieve account summaries. See #3103.
  • Update AdSense summary dashboard widget to show change values for each metric relative to the previous period. See #3091.
  • Update the background color of open menu buttons in the Site Kit header. See #3069.
  • Allow programmatic modification of the Site Kit generator meta tag. See #938.
  • Clarify some AdSense labels and format the monetary values in top earning pages tables with the relevant currency. See #656.
  • Update popular pages list tables on the Analytics module dashboard to be consistent with the same components on the main Site Kit and WordPress dashboards. See #98.


  • Fix regression where jump link to PageSpeed Insights widget in success notification no longer worked. See #3310.
  • Update AdSense "Performance by page over the last X days" deep links to include date range. See #2951.
  • Ensure that non-administrator users cannot access the Site Kit screens even if they previously were admins and therefore have an access token. See #2938.
  • Fix a bug that could cause the first profile to be selected in Analytics Settings when an existing tag was detected. See #2888.
  • Fix User Input Settings flow accessibility issues. See #2851.
  • Resolved analytics URL linking issue in subfolder based installs. See #2821.
  • Redirect users from the splash screen to the dashboard if they are already authenticated. See #2529.
  • Resolved language issue on AdSense dashboard for certain Site Languages. See #2105.
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