github google/site-kit-wp 1.31.0


  • Add method to get list of all base capabilities used by Site Kit. Props JoryHogeveen. See #3130.
  • Update widget header styles to use grid mechanics instead of static margins. See #3119.
  • Implement the technical infrastructure for rendering GA4 snippets in the frontend, including support for double tagging integrating with a UA snippet. See #3106.
  • Implement REST data point and JS data store selector to look up a single GA4 property by ID. See #3102.
  • Rename "Popularity" / "Top Queries" section to "Acquisition" for new widget-based UI. See #3065.
  • Improve styling for Site Kit header, especially on mobile devices. See #3058.
  • Update remaining external links in widgets on module pages to include correct date range parameters. See #3042.
  • Improve speed and reliability of Analytics property matching. See #3012.
  • Add placeholder to all "Other" text input fields in user input flow. See #2993.
  • Implement data store selector to detect whether a GA4 property has a web data stream that matches the current site. See #2981.
  • Update the modules/analytics-4 store with actions and selectors for creating and querying web data streams. See #2980.
  • Implement JS data store infrastructure to query and create GA4 properties. See #2979.
  • Introduce new JS asset for upcoming GA4 integration. See #2977.
  • Introduce JS data store modules/analytics-4 as infrastructure for upcoming GA4 integration. See #2976.
  • Allow modifying the active Search Console property in the module's settings panel, relevant for example when a site has multiple applicable properties. See #2937.
  • Fix accessibility problem where it wasn't possible to delete user input search terms using the keyboard. See #2900.
  • Update user input styles to fix visual issues on small devices. See #2886.
  • Migrate AdSense module page "Top earning pages" widget to use Widget API. See #2066.


  • Update Unique Visitors widget to display the actual number of users coming from search. See #3064.
  • Fix visual spacing problems with widget-based dashboard due to empty containers disrupting grid layout. See #3062.
  • Update Site Kit widgets to always return their content wrapped in a Widget. See #3060.
  • Update AdSense dashboard widgets to render ad blocker warning. See #3011.
  • Fix broken alignment of data block elements when there is one with zero data. See #2992.
  • Fix UI issues on the pie chart of the All Traffic widget when there is just a single slice. See #2991.
  • Fix Analytics links in new widgets on the Analytics module page to take into account selected days. See #2983.
  • Fix a bug where select menu components could be partially covered by the Site Kit header making some items unclickable. See #2885.
  • Improve performance of potentially slow database query to migrate user data from an older version of Site Kit. See #2870.
  • Fix issue with AdSense existing site detection when using camelcase URLs in WordPress settings. See #2695.
  • Fix javascript issues that appear when admin pages have been translated with Google Translate. See #2280.
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