github google/site-kit-wp 1.29.0


  • Only show notice about a user input question affecting other users of the site if there is more than one authorized user on the site overall. See #2852.
  • Introduce new contextual help menu in Site Kit header bar and on the authentication service. See #2846.
  • Introduce tooltip tour guiding the user through the new version of the All Traffic widget. See #2739.
  • Enhance PreviewBlock JS component to support breakpoint-specific sizes via props. See #2727.
  • Implement persistent dismissal of feature tours, stored in the database. See #2650.
  • Introduce ReportTable component for displaying reusable data tables. See #2249.


  • Fix vertical axis labels for Session Duration graph on Search Console module page to not mix minutes and hours. See #2967.
  • Fix problem where OAuth callback login would be triggered before WordPress's login redirect mechanism, immediately failing instead of redirecting as expected. See #2935.
  • Ensure entering a text is required when choosing the "Other" option for a question in the user input flow. See #2907.
  • Fix refactored Analytics goals widget behavior to match legacy version. See #2858.
  • Fix bug where switching between questions in the user input flow did not scroll the question into view. See #2848.
  • Cache user input responses temporarily in browser until it is submitted while the user is going through the flow, to prevent accidentally losing entered data. See #2844.
  • Clarify wording in last user input question about search terms. See #2843.
  • Fix some bugs in the behavior when checking or unchecking an "Other" option for one of the questions in the user input flow. See #2828.
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7 months ago