github google/site-kit-wp 1.28.0


  • Implement React components for rendering tooltip tours. See #2626.


  • Automatically focus the "Other" text input upon selecting the "Other" option in a list of radio buttons or checkboxes. See #2897.
  • Update copy to clarify multiple choice behavior in user input flow. See #2857.
  • Update links on new version of AdSense dashboard summary widget to deep link to the respective area in the AdSense frontend. See #2774.
  • Include site URL in AdSense report deep links to point to the appropriate report. See #2773.
  • Add support for PHP 8 and ensure its maintenance via CI. Props TorbenLundsgaard. See #2724.
  • The googlesitekit_authorize_user and googlesitekit_reauthorize_user actions are now also fired when not using the authentication service flow. See #2693.
  • Implement infrastructure for rendering widgets in Site Kit module screens. See #2653.
  • Use reliable and React-friendly approach for detecting whether a widget is inactive and should not be rendered. See #2612.
  • Enhance localization of duration formatting. See #2588.
  • Filter all Analytics API requests to only include results for the current domain. See #2554.
  • Rely exclusively on SVGs for graphics and remove other image support. See #2468.


  • Improve UX around entering search terms in the user input flow. See #2842.
  • Fix various visual glitches in the user input flow summary view and trim free text content entered for any "Other" choice. See #2837.
  • Change to preview / next button behaviour in User Input flow. See #2829.
  • Fix AdSense bug where Ad Client not found error would be displayed in certain cases where an account is still pending. See #2812.
  • Fix bug where AdGuard and uBlock ad blockers were no longer being recognized by Site Kit by implementing a more holistic solution for ad blocker detection relying on the just-detect-adblock library. See #2794.
  • Update link on AdSense module page to point to Analytics which is more accurate due to the source of the data. See #2772.
  • Fix Search Console x-axis labels on 90 day charts. See #2747.
  • Fix text issue with All Traffic pie chart. See #2660.
  • Fix problem where Analytics snippet placement would not be re-instated after disconnecting Tag Manager module when it was previously taking care of the Analytics tag. See #2579.
  • Fix bug where tracking opt-in was not working for multisite administrators when not being a member of the site. See #2103.
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