github google/site-kit-wp 1.27.0


  • Add support for AdSense auto ads to Web Stories, allowing to choose an AdSense ad unit to use which will then result in an amp-story-auto-ads element being injected. See #2602.


  • Improve wording for the confirmation notification after submitting user input settings. See #2790.
  • Allow resetting persistent Site Kit options via WP-CLI. See #2748.
  • Display All Traffic widget dimension tabs as a dropdown on narrow viewports. See #2743.
  • Include current dates in AdSense deep links so that the service frontend shows the same time period as Site Kit. See #2689.
  • Update Google API client library and remove custom configuration to retry failed API requests as it is now covered in the library itself. See #2688.
  • Introduce WidgetReportError component, which should be used by widgets to display an overall error state. See #2670.
  • Implement REST datapoints and JS datastore infrastructure for getting and dismissing tooltip tours. See #2648.
  • Prepare Widget API-based version of the dashboard for launch, rendering the entire page content including header and footer. See #2646.
  • Add ability to remotely control enabled feature flags. See #2533.
  • Introduce core/ui datastore for centrally storing UI state in JS. See #2456.
  • Include current dates in Analytics deep links so that the service frontend shows the same time period as Site Kit. See #2287.
  • Remove legacy version of the WP Dashboard widget and replace it with Site Kit widget-based refactored version. See #2240.


  • Fix bug where the old All Traffic widget was still displaying in the dashboard for a single URL. See #2856.
  • Fix PHP 8 notice for deprecated uasort() usage. Props oguilleux. See #2797.
  • Reset link hidden while compatibility checks are in progress. See #2756.
  • Show All Traffic pie chart tooltips persistently when a slice is selected to allow interaction with the tooltip, which would not be possible when hovering. See #2737.
  • Fix AdSense dashboard summary widget to include data for the current date range in its sparklines rather than only data from the 1st of the current month. See #2734.
  • Fix visual bug where in the AdSense flow the toggle element could be overlapped by a checkmark icon. See #2722.
  • Fix bug with Search Console module page graph where overlapping legends would be displayed when selecting more than 2 metrics. See #2721.
  • Fix various bugs around the All Traffic pie chart (e.g. incorrect slices being selected when changing date range, correct behavior of not allowing "Others" to be selected) by introducing a new React-based charts component. See #2714.
  • Fix bug where in some occasions an error would be displayed when updating settings with the same values that were already stored before. See #2513.
  • Fix formatting of y-axis values for Bounce Rate and Session Duration on Analytics overview chart. See #2095.
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