github google/site-kit-wp 1.26.0


  • Ensure that any "Others" slice in the All Traffic widget is not indicated as selectable and cannot be active. See #2716.
  • When viewing a specific segment of users in the All Traffic widget, make the "All Users" breadcrumb a link to go back to the overall users view. See #2715.
  • Enhance All Traffic widget pie chart legend by using a custom implementation so that the labels are never cut off and include a visual hover and active state. See #2700.
  • Show more than just two dates on the All Traffic widget's line chart. See #2699.
  • Include available and enabled Site Kit features in Site Health information. See #2662.
  • Rename the header and footer props of the Widget component to Header and Footer to indicate that they require a React component instead of an element. See #2652.
  • Simplify usage of the Widget component so that widget components can use a scoped version of it via props rather than manually importing it and re-specifying the widget slug. See #2613.
  • Migrate top content table in WP dashboard widget to functional hook-based component using the datastore. See #2610.
  • Decouple JS store, widget, and module registration from imports, introducing dedicated registration functions. See #2587.
  • Remove server-side API requests to determine whether a post has Search Console or Analytics data as it could significantly slow down WP admin response time. Props archon810. See #2528.
  • Always display the Site Kit admin bar menu even when there is no data for a more consistent experience, informing about the lack of data as applicable. See #2508.
  • Improve UX when clicking the Reset dialog button, keeping the dialog open in a loading state while completing the process. See #2347.
  • Include current dates in Search Console deep links so that the service frontend shows the same time period as Site Kit. See #2286.
  • Enhance admin bar implementation to be powered by the registry and its stores. See #2241.


  • Ensure x-axis labels of the All Traffic line chart are correctly aligned with the pie chart legend. See #2738.
  • Avoid layout shift when enabling the Analytics module via the Site Kit dashboard CTA. See #2719.
  • Avoid content shifts in All Traffic widget due to incorrect loading UI layout. See #2710.
  • Only require going through the user input flow after setup if it has not been completed by the user before. See #2603.
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8 months ago