github google/site-kit-wp 1.23.0


  • Scaffold components for a new version of the Analytics All Traffic widget. See #2392.
  • Display graph with historic AdSense data on module page, showing earnings, RPM, impressions and CTR over time. See #1921.


  • Introduce listFormat function to format entries in a comma-separated list. See #2486.
  • Rename arguments across various datastore actions requiring a WPComponent type to use capitalized names to better indicate a WPComponent (and not a WPElement) is required. See #2413.
  • Improve validation of user input submission states. See #2323.
  • Introduce ActivateModuleCTA and CompleteModuleActivationCTA components to centrally manage UI for those scenarios. See #2299.
  • Remove legacy googlesitekit.moduleHasSetupWizard JS filter. See #2291.
  • Remove legacy splash screen and the associated components. See #2290.
  • Allow registering module icon SVGs via the core/modules action registerModule. See #2143.


  • Fix various low-level technical bugs due to duplicate module initialization by relying on a single reused Webpack runtime across entrypoints. See #2444.
  • Remove duplicate error message UI on top of module settings panel, since error messages are now displayed within the panel's main content already. See #2396.
  • Fix component-specific initialization logic of Google charts library to prevent duplicate initialization. See #2247.
latest releases: 1.43.0, 1.42.0, 1.41.0...
10 months ago