github google/site-kit-wp 1.22.0


  • Surface WordPress-specific user experience recommendations in the PageSpeed Insights widget. See #2390.
  • Add support for checkRequirements argument to registerModule action of core/modules store, which allows to block a module from being activated until certain requirements are met. See #2130.


  • Ensure that all URIs on the authentication service are automatically refreshed as necessary when connecting as a user to an already connected site, fixing issues where sites could get stuck after updating their URLs. See #2383.
  • Move the date picker into the Site Kit header bar and make it sticky so that it is always visible when scrolling. See #2331.
  • Remove outdated dashboard notification warning vaguely about missing permissions, which is now covered with more specific widget CTAs. See #2329.
  • Add support for feature flags in PHP and experimentally require user input completion upon setup. See #2316.
  • Implement success notification displayed after completing the user input flow. See #2283.
  • Add support for displaying datastore-driven global error notifications in the plugin header. See #2261.
  • Improve logic to determine whether a Search Console API report response is "empty", via new isZeroReport function for Search Console. See #2244.
  • Improve logic to determine whether an Analytics API report response is "empty", via new isZeroReport function for Analytics. See #2243.
  • Rely on JavaScript date parsing for AdSense widgets. See #2235.
  • Add core/modules actions and selectors for managing module settings panel state. See #2181.
  • Implement Site Kit dashboard notification for when requesting user input to be completed. See #2043.
  • Implement exponential backoff to retry Google service API requests a limited amount of time if they fail with temporary errors. See #1998.


  • Fix Search Console latest data threshold back to 2 days ago as that is the latest data the API provides. See #2458.
  • Make e2e tests pass for WordPress 5.6. See #2455.
  • Fix race condition where widgets could run into an error when their necessary datastore selector had not started resolving yet. See #2436.
  • Fix various spelling errors throughout the UI of the plugin. See #2401.
  • Flush browser session storage on plugin updates to prevent stale data from being served against new logic. See #2334.
  • Ensure that REST API preloaded data is not computed and included outside of Site Kit admin screens. See #2315.
  • Fix failing PHPUnit tests for compatibility with upcoming WordPress 5.6. See #2264.
  • Fix broken Analytics frontend deep links on AdSense module page. See #2228.
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