github google/site-kit-wp 1.21.0


  • Include current user's Site Kit capabilities in Site Health report. See #2314.
  • Mark user input state as completed once user has submitted their information. See #2310.
  • Finalize copy for new googlesitekit-user-input screen. See #2302.
  • Display informational warning before setup about limited support for WordPress versions before 5.0. See #2289.
  • Modify Search Console API queries so that they include results up until one day ago. See #2284.
  • Add support for widgets to have multiple (fallback) widths via googlesitekit.widgets.registerWidget, laying out widget grid with as few gaps as possible. See #2251.
  • Modify widgets registered with quarter width to render for half the screen width on mobile viewports. See #2250.
  • Introduce ReportError and ReportZero components which should be returned by widgets that are in error state or have no data to display. See #2246.
  • Add JS utility functions sumObjectListValue, averageObjectListValue, and enhance capabilities of extractForSparkline function. See #2245.
  • Improve logic to determine whether an AdSense API report response is "empty", via new isZeroReport function for AdSense. See #2242.
  • Simplify adding strings only visible to screen reader users by implementing a VisuallyHidden component. See #2165.
  • Reduce complexity of implementing and registering settingsEdit components for a module by centrally handling setting submission. See #2137.
  • Modify the createModuleStore JavaScript function so that every module store has a canSubmitChanges selector and a submitChanges action. See #2136.
  • Implement UI design for googlesitekit-user-input screen. See #2040.
  • Simplify module class infrastructure and implement (internal) module registry. See #1939.


  • Fix bug where Analytics widgets would fire their API requests even when the module wasn't completely set up, resulting in unnecessary error responses. See #2358.
  • Fix JavaScript translations that were not appearing to work correctly, given the site uses WordPress >= 5.0, which is required for support of JavaScript translations. See #2171.
  • Fix bug where a previous error from an action would not be cleared when trying the same action again. See #2156.
  • Fix a few translation strings that were concatenating date ranges, making them correctly translatable. See #2146.
  • Fix compatibility issue where amp-auto-ads element would not be present in AMP singular content when also using the Yoast SEO plugin. See #2111.
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