github google/site-kit-wp 1.20.0


  • Implement post search widget using the new Widget API. See #2023.
  • Allow registering a settingsViewComponent and settingsEditComponent when calling the registerModule action on the core/modules store. See #1623.


  • Unregister the site from the authentication service when the plugin is deleted. See #2311.
  • Add selectors canSubmitChanges and isDoingSubmitChanges and action submitChanges to core/modules datastore. See #2182.
  • Add selectors getModuleDependencyNames and getModuleDependantNames to core/modules store. See #2180.
  • Allow registering a setupComponent when calling the registerModule action on the core/modules store. See #2074.
  • Implement UI for new splash screen based on authentication service improvements. See #2046.
  • Detect and store whether each user has already answered the user input questions to customize the plugin behavior. See #2042.
  • Implement UI components to use in googlesitekit-user-input screen. See #2039.
  • Add Analytics tracking events for API request errors. See #1999.


  • Fix bug where errors would be inconsistently keyed and not cleared as expected in certain cases. See #2210.
  • Fix Search Console deep links to point to correct locations in case of a domain property as well. See #2110.
  • Fix accessibility issue with links opening in a new tab by annotating them with screen reader text informing about it. See #2093.
  • Fix several UI loading state issues across module setup flows. See #1995.
  • Display text field to specify name when creating a new Tag Manager container, and prevent duplicate names which could have resulted in an error before. See #1817.
  • Remove usage of JavaScript chunk files to fix potential issues with certain server configurations. See #1391.
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11 months ago