github google/site-kit-wp 1.18.0


  • Introduce several filters to allow blocking rendering or execution of Google service scripts in the frontend, allowing integration with e.g. 3P cookie consent plugins. See #2087.
  • Introduce API layer for advanced Analytics event tracking configurations from other plugins. See #1728.


  • Introduce googlesitekit_canonical_home_url filter, allowing (e.g. multilingual) plugins that contextually alter the home URL to fix potential issues with Site Kit. See #2131.
  • Remove unused properties in module PHP classes. See #2050.
  • Scaffold new googlesitekit-user-input screen. See #2038.
  • Expand Widget component to correctly align vertically and support optional header and footer component props. See #2022.
  • Improve authentication service permissions link to check Site Kit permissions first while not exposing the actual URL on the client. See #1985.
  • Introduce User_Transients PHP class for storing user-specific transients. See #1964.
  • Introduce getDateRangeDates() selector to core/user datastore to retrieve actual date strings based on the current date range. See #1925.
  • Display error notification when refreshing an access token failed due to missing Site Kit authentication service requirements. See #1848.
  • Update the Reset Site Kit dialog message to be more clear. See #1825.
  • Provide guidance in Analytics setup flow when Tag Manager is already active and its container is configured to use Analytics. See #1382.
  • Provide guidance in Tag Manager setup flow when container is configured to use Analytics, including checks to ensure an eventual AMP container behaves correctly as well. See #1381.
  • Remove Analytics module as requirement for Tag Manager module, decoupling them to be individual. See #1380.


  • Fix new AdSense Top Earning Pages widget displaying error instead of CTA to link AdSense and Analytics. See #2098.
  • Fix inconsistent loading state in Search Console Popular Keywords widget, which previously caused content shifting. See #2013.
  • Show an error message if the URL for the single URL detail view cannot be identified as part of the site. See #2001.
  • Improve support for URLs containing unicode, mixed case, and bidirectional control characters when requesting and sending data to Search Console. See #1567.
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